Hirsch seeking reelection in Ward 9

Councillor John Hirsch. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)

Why I’m running for re-election
John Hirsch, 2022 Candidate for South Marysburgh Councillor

Four years ago, I was delighted when South Marysburgh residents chose me as their councillor.

Actively involved in key committees since 2015, I moved to Prince Edward County in 2014 with my wife of 30+ years after living and working in Ottawa, Caledon, Flamborough and Kitchener. From Canada Customs to international trade consulting firms to the purchasing and the logistics industry, I have led people, honed my communications skills and managed dozens of successful projects. 

As a passionate advocate for the environment and conservation, I am proud to lead South Shore Joint Initiative, a local charity that is dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring the County’s rare and unique South Shore.

When I’m not working for South Marysburgh residents or volunteering with South Shore Joint Initiative, you can find me gardening, renovating, travelling, taking photos and spending time with my indoor cats.

A lot has changed in the past four years. But one thing that’s stayed the same is my passion for responsible management of our environment, our heritage and our County.

As councillor, I’m proud to have: 

  • Initiated a daily COVID-19 update to help keep people informed
  • Replied to every email, phone call and letter from constituents
  • Helped many residents navigate the County Planning process
  • Played a key role in South Marysburgh committees and boards
  • Represented the interests of South Marysburgh at Council
  • Been an active member of multiple County committees
  • Listened to and consulted with South Marysburgh residents through multiplecommunications channels
  • Continued to support the County position of saying no to industrialization of public lands
  • Advocated for a new South Shore Conservation Reserve
  • Championed requests for speed control, traffic calming and road repairs
  • Analyzed issues and worked with councillors to find innovative solutions

I’m running for re-election because I want to do more for the people of South Marysburgh and the County as a whole. Many initiatives started in the last term need to be finished and many new ones need to be addressed.Known for my thoughtful consideration, impeccable ethics and absolute love of the County, I will continue to help ensure that County government is fair, efficient and transparent. You can find my full platform on my website at jghirsch.com.

As a full-time councillor, you can count on me to listen to your concerns and ideas, advocate for what is best for South Marysburgh and the County as well as keep you informed.

South Marysburgh is an integral part of Prince Edward County. Home to rare and fragile public lands, dozens of new and established small businesses as well as more than 1,200 residents, it is a placethat we all take pride in. 

Protecting South Marysburgh’s natural environment, heritage and way of life are my key promises.