Ward 3’s Engelsdorfer pledges level headed decision making

Corey Engelsdorfer.

Wellington is at a crossroads. The village is at the cusp of unprecedented growth. In the near future we may see over 1,000 new homes. In anticipation, we are building an expensive new water tower and waterworks facility. As a long-time resident and business owner who is raising a young family, I have a vested interest in ensuring not only Wellington, but the County as a whole remains a sustainable, healthy and livable community. I will be the one to advocate for Wellington at Shire Hall.

Over the past 12 years working at The Times, I have followed our municipal government closely. I read the reports. I write the stories. I watch the meetings and I am well-versed on current and past issues. I am Wellington’s choice for sensible and level headed decision making.

I am passionate about Wellington. I grew up in the village and my day to day life still circles around Wellington. I am an active member and past chair of the Wellington Recreation Committee and also play a large part in Pumpkinfest. I am a member of the Wellington Beach Taskforce Team where we are currently working to address and resolve a multitude of short term and long term issues, and the impact of the Wellington waterfront on the community and local businesses.

One key issue that relate to Wellington includes urban sprawl and development north of the village. Growth is coming. I will work to ensure the pace of this growth is managed and the design of the communities fit with the existing village. I will also advocate that the Secondary Plan be enforced and that Belleville Road not turn into a maze of stripmalls, pulling commercial out of downtown.

Water rates are becoming more unaffordable for residents. Your bills are already among the highest in Ontario. Now Shire Hall is planning to spend $100 million to expand Wellington’s waterworks. It’s time for fair and honest representation at Shire Hall for waterworks ratepayers. I will advocate for a waterworks commission that will look at water and sewer rates separately from council.

Tourism in the County is down this season. It now appears that some of the reactionary measures that were put in place after two busy COVID summers were overreaching. Visitors have been driven away through ‘us and them’ fines. Locals are receiving fines due to a program that wasn’t thought through. The tourism sector has had its share of growing pains. It is time to strike a fair balance between visitors and locals.

A little about me:

I was born and raised in Wellington. I attended Pinecrest Elementary School in Bloomfield, and from there attended PECI in Picton. In 2004 I left the County to attend Durham College in Oshawa. I enrolled in their Graphic Design program. In 2007, I graduated and secured a placement at Formula Media Group, a division of Torstar. There, I worked on publications such as Carguide, World of Wheels, Boatguide, Canadian AutoWorld, West of the City and the Hamilton Spectator Wheels section. In 2010 I moved back to the County and accepted a position at The Times. In May of 2017 I purchased The Times from Rick Conroy and continue to publish it weekly each Wednesday. I have 3 kids – Amelia (8), Emmett (6) and Malcolm (11 months). I am engaged to Katie, and we are getting married next summer in the County.