Ward 8’s Thornton aiming for “livable, successful community”

Ben Thornton.

I’m Ben Thornton and I’m running for Council in North Marysburgh.

My history in the County runs five generations deep. In 1912, my great-grandfather James Carter, himself descended from United Empire Loyalists, founded the Waupoos Canning Company. My grandfather Ed “Bumpy” Carter took over and ran it until his death. Their legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship at the forefront of a then-new industry is worth remembering. As you drive or bike through North Marysburgh, you’ll see my campaign sign designed to recall one of their vintage canning labels – a reminder of our history, but also that the history of the County is one of change. Every generation or so, new technologies, shifting demographics, new markets, even climate change bring new industries here.

Fast forward to today, and my wife and I are working and raising our three kids aged 5 to 16. They go to PECI where my grandmother taught Latin for many years.

The County is full of charms and challenges. The charms of this place are why we are here, why so many choose to come, and why so many choose to stay. The challenges are why I’m running: taking the long view, I want Prince Edward County to be a vibrant, livable, inclusive community where my children (and yours) have a fair chance to succeed, to find a career and a place to call home.

Affordable housing remains a priority, and we must continue to encourage the creation of affordable year-round rental opportunities to give young families a place to start. More affordable housing also means a better chance to fill staff shortages and a more successful business environment.

We need to do what it takes to recruit and retain doctors and nurses – to let them see the charms of living and working here as we do.

We need to manage growth responsibly, to encourage development that meets the character and scale of our community. At the same, we need to ensure our natural environment is protected and that every major planning, zoning, or infrastructure decision is made to limit contributions to climate change and to mitigate its effect on our community.

Roads, infrastructure, financial accountability, services for youth and seniors – these are all important challenges which speak to the same goal of a livable, successful community.

I am committed to community service and currently serve as chair of the Regent Theatre, on the board of Glenwood Cemetery where four generations of my family rest, on a council advisory committee, and as a newscaster with 99.3 CountyFM. I coach kids’ baseball in the summer. I have run not-for-profit organizations, worked with municipal governments, and lobbied at the provincial level. Professionally, I am a real estate agent and have a background in small business.

I am committed to bringing an informed, consultative approach to Shire Hall, and to represent North Marysburgh inclusively and passionately.  Vote for me and let’s preserve the charms and face the challenges together.