Ward 1’s Adie wants to bring common sense back to Shire Hall

Phil Adie

My name is Phil Adie and I moved to The County full time seven years ago after a lifetime of vacationing here. I am originally from Brant Haldimand-Norfolk on the shores of Lake Erie, which shares the same rural lifestyle & values as here in Prince Edward County.

Over the last several years I have been working in the background on several community initiatives to promote affordable housing, an end to homelessness and ways to decrease the growing economic gaps here in PEC. During COVID I supported the @feedmelovepec initiative as well as providing meals directly to essential workers & their families via @pictoncottage . I have helped non-profit organizations raise grant funding to build awareness online for supportive housing, rural diversity & BIPOC advocacy.

On a professional basis, working with private citizens & medical leaders here in The County. I created a Beta software solution to help with a healthcare pilot program for aging in place in Wellington that will be addressing vital healthcare data & analysis for over a thousand PEC residents to promote better living, early diagnosis of conditions & a reduction in overall healthcare costs.

My own business, Wooden Horse, did primarily field engineering mobility software for Fortune 500 companies prior to COVID. We pivoted to assist over two dozen local PEC small businesses with digital services and recommendations for grant funding during and now post pandemic. We are just starting to see a return to normalcy and hope to be bringing back some high value technology jobs here to Prince Edward County. Wooden Horse Software works to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

As well as running a technology focused fund, I have worked as an executive with public companies, private investment groups and start up ventures providing telecommunications, evaluation, guidance and turnaround management. I have been embedded into assignments around the world in Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia leveraging the opportunities provided by technology.

I feel my ability to manage community economic leaders & their visions along with my project leadership skills including resolving issues and building consensus amongst various parties would be the strongest assets I could contribute to Picton as Ward 1 Councillor.

Back To Common Sense

We need to make practical decisions. Closing down Main Street in Picton during the two most important months of the year without any meaningful notice after just clearing COVID is not common sense.

Affordable Housing

Our young families, workers & local seniors in this community need both affordable & attainable residential developments. Let’s work together with local economic leaders, real estate developers and non-profit organizations to make this a reality. Let’s cut the “red tape”.


We have a dire shortage of Doctors, Nurse Practitioners & Registered Nurses here in Prince Edward County. We need to find the funding within our current budget to make things happen without raising property taxes again.

Support Local Business

Over COVID I saw over 40 high paid technology jobs in my immediate circle leave Picton to other communities. We also have the regulatory tools at our Municipal government’s disposal to make purchasing goods and services from local businesses a first priority. Let’s keep the tax dollars here in our local economy.

Size Of Council

We have the fifth largest number of Councilors of all Single Tier Municipalities in the Province. PEC is comparable with communities with almost 25X our population and more. I don’t believe anyone wants to be a target for amalgamation which will dilute our community voice.