LETTER: Squadron 303 efforts shouldn’t be forgotten

Dear Editor,

Truth has a way of disappearing into government fog, whenever they provide press releases, and call it news. Robert Bird’s letter celebrating 82 years since the Battle of Britain printed in last week’s Picton Gazette ignores a scandalously hidden critical fact.

It disregards how Great Britain was saved from imminent German colonization in 1940, by an unstoppable Polish Squadron in the RAF known as 303. I would add the following documented facts to any future remembrances of the Battle of Britain.

In September of 1939, German Christians dressed in Nazi uniforms invaded Poland, to colonize it with massive violence, following an ancient formula used by Jewish and Christian nations since Jericho, [1400 BCE].  The British Empire grew in greatness through centuries of violent colonization, and it was now facing the same fate from a powerful European cousin. After Poland fell, many seasoned Polish pilots fled to Britain where they were given outdated trainer aircraft to take on the better equipped Luftwaffe invaders.

Polish Squadrons like 303, overcame those disadvantages with inspired, aggressive, and relentless attacks that soon distinguished them in high aerial combat. Their fiercely aggressive style of repelling the more powerful Luftwaffe, and driving the invader back over the channel was well-documented in the British press and more recently in several films about Polish “Squadron 303”.

The Polish Squadrons’ extraordinary heroism was absolutely critical in winning the Battle of Britain but it was buried by Churchill’s political agenda. The Polish Squadron survivors who had saved the British homeland from the horrors of oppressive German colonization were one of the few groups who were excluded from marching in London’s 1946 Victory Parade.

These far from home Polish heroes who fought for everyone’s freedom as well as Britain’s in its hour of need when others would not were descendants of an ancient people known as Sarmatians.

According to its mythology, Poland, or ancient Sarmatia was founded by a shipload of escaped warrior women, who overthrew their captors and crashed the slave ship on the shores of what became their lands. Apparently, they were the basis for the myth of the mighty Amazons.

Steve Staniek