LETTER: Thanksgiving a fitting time to thank farmers

As we approach this year’s celebrations of Thanksgiving, it is surely both timely and fitting to reflect deeply on the profound contributions that farmers make to human society.

We who live in the County are indeed privileged to reside in the midst of the farmlands that surround us at every turn. And yet, the days that begin at sunrise and end long after dark; the care that must be given to the land that is sown and the livestock that must be tended; the ever-present uncertainties over climate and weather; the incessant economic pressures – these are but a few of the cares and concerns that farmers face hour by hour, day by day, season by season.

The Bahá’í holy writings state that “it is fitting to begin with the farmer in matters related to economics, for the farmer is the first active agent in human society.”

Let us all render thanks to those of our neighbours who tend the fields and care for the animals so that we may be nourished, and let us do so not just in our personal reflections as we enjoy yet another Thanksgiving dinner with our families and friends, but in whatever tangible ways we may personally devise.

Just as the service rendered by health care workers has been acknowledged in an outpouring of expressions of support over these past few tumultuous years, let us too express our gratitude to the farmers whose labours contribute immeasurably to our well-being.

Susan Lyons

on behalf of The Bahá’ís of Prince Edward County