LETTER: Vital to know where candidates stand on key issues

(Editor’s Note: This week we are happy to include another round of municipal candidate profiles within the pages of Canada’s Oldest Community Newspaper and we will continue to publish these autobiographical items as they arrive in the Gazette inbox up until the Thursday, Oct. 20 edition. These profiles are also available online at www.pictongazette.ca/2022-municipal-candidate-profiles/)

I do hope that the Gazette will help out County voters with a summary of the main points that voters should be aware of when we are making our choices in the upcoming elections for mayor and members of the Municipal Council and for trustees on the District School Board.

I think it is important to know – for instance – about any major political positions that these prospective Council and Board candidates have taken in the last few years, e.g., re affordable housing, Covid vaccinations, educational matters (e.g., challenges created by social media in the learning process). I believe that candidates face many, different challenges and try to support those with a record of thoughtfulness, who have a broad perspective.

And of course we have also to understand their perspectives on matters important to the community, regardless of the apparent popularity of those views. I (for one) tend to respect people who adopt positions that may not be generally popular. I may or may not vote for them but I like to understand just what kind of person I am voting for. And the Gazette is in a position to help.

Mary Lazier Corbett