Stories from our past-September 29, 2022

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Lovers of good music and singing should not fail to hear the Royal English Bell Ringers and Concert Company at the Bijou Opera House next Monday.
  • The formal fall opening of G.E. Fraser and Sons was held last Friday and Saturday, attracting a large crowd of enthusiastic ladies.
  • A goodly number of Picton citizens gathered at the Opera House on Wednesday evening to discuss selecting a suitable lot for the armouries.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Oscar A. Burley, Jane Street, quietly observed their 64th wedding anniversary on Monday.
  • Gordon H. Nichol, formerly of Picton, has been appointed general manager of the Manchester, Roberston, Allison department store at St. John, New Brunswick.
  • The new stretch of highway No. 33, between Wellington and Hillier, is now open for traffic.


  • Robert MacKenzie, administrator of Prince Edward Heights, believes that his complex is having more of an economic impact on the town of Picton than the army camp which formerly occupied its grounds.
  • The first meeting of the Greenbush 4-H Club “Accessories for the Bedroom” was held on Monday.
  • Mrs. James Taylor opened her home in Northport Tuesday evening for a social get together for members of the Prince Edward and Lennox Women’s Associations.


  • Dr. George A. Powers of Picton has been appointed a director of a non-profit Ontario foundation that will eventually distribute up to $1 million a year in lottery money.
  • August saw residents of Hallowell House involved in the usual activities of bingo, crafts and euchre games.
  • The September meeting of the Live Women’s Circle was held at the home of Mrs. Harry Foster.