New doctors, County Rd. 49 among priorities for Ward 6’s Drake

Paul Drake.
My name is Paul Drake and have lived on and off in Prince Edward County most of my life.
I keep busy marking out infrastructure within the county for fibre optics.
I chose to run this year and specifically for the Sophiasburgh ward to ensure a democratic vote.
I also feel that people may want another voice to be heard in their behalf and I wish to be that voice.
Many concerns have arisen with the past council that I would like to work on and have changed to benefit the folks of PEC.
If elected I will be working hard to secure and have developed affordable housing for residents, something that is very close to my heart and own home that maybe affected.
I also want to work closely with council in securing new doctors to our area and work with other outlying communities in attracting new doctors here.
I am also going to be working diligently in having County Rd. 49 fixed.
I would also like to see our small businesses flourish more and feel that they are supported by their council.
Tourism was down this past year, and this does not help Prince Edward County and is something that needs to be worked on
I encourage all residents to vote and set a mandate that will be followed.
Anyone with questions may always reach out to me and I will listen and be THEIR VOICE!