Responsible development, managing growth important to Norlock

Heather Norlock.

I am a Prince Edward County local. Born in raised in Wellington, I lived in 6 houses in Ashgill Gardens, and 1 house on Niles Street before moving to my home on County Road 2. I attended CML Snider from kindergarten to grade 8 and then completed my four years of high school at PECI. 

I am currently in my final year of schooling, studying Civil Engineering. I also have diplomas in Interior Decorating and Public Relations.  

I owned and operated my own Interior Decorating business in Prince Edward County and ended up closing my doors during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This is when I decided to make a career change and return to school. Throughout my schooling I have worked at local motel in Wellington, as a motel manager, and have seen the trials and tribulations with the small businesses and want to make a difference or at least have a voice. 

As a young female, with progressive views I feel my voice is needed on council.  

I have deep appreciation and love for all of Prince Edward County but my roots are in Wellington. As a young professional I want to encourage, support and advocate for young professionals and young families moving to Wellington. Advocate for more open discussions regarding affordable living and first-time home buying. I want to promote the youth being able to afford to live in their hometown and raise their families here, as I believe the County needs this for the future. 

I want to promote the growth of small businesses in our community and to encourage entrepreneurs to open/continue with small businesses in PEC.

I am looking to maintain the small-town feel of Wellington and encourage responsible development for everyone.

Over my 27 years living in Prince Edward County, I have seen rapid growth and change, I would like to be an active partner in the community to manage any further growth and change.

I want to be involved in the community, hear all voices and advocate for my community.