Small business and entrepeneurial advocacy part of Kreutzwiser’s vision for Ward 9

Ryan Kreutzwiser

My name is Ryan Kreutzwiser and I have called the County my home for the last 20 years.

Over this time, I have been part of my family’s business at Lake in the Mountain Resort, helping to run a multi faceted business that employs over 45 local residents. I chose to enter the race for council because I felt county residents and small businesses were not well represented, and that biased and ill-informed outcomes resulted from very reactionary decision making at Shire Hall.  I feel the County is at a critical juncture and that the decisions made over the next four years will shape our collective future.

I am well educated and well traveled, with work experience in environmental consulting and planning. I have a degree from the University of Guelph in Environmental Science, and a post graduate degree in Geographic Information Systems from the Centre of Geographical Sciences.  I believe my educational and professional background, along with my small business experience give me the skill set that would make me a good representative on council.

I am asking to represent South Marysburgh, my connection to this ward is through family ownership of the Black River Cheese factory property. I would work hard to encourage and support small business and entrepreneurial activity throughout the ward but specifically in Milford which has seen some business closures over the years.

I would also push hard ensure that community volunteers can continue to provide the much-needed public service functions that they have provided for generations.

I would advocate for road improvements and be a strong supporter of the agricultural sector.

I support the preservation of the natural environment but feel it is important to maintain the heritage and historic uses of public land. From a county-wide perspective I would advocate for fiscal responsibility.  We need to stop increasing taxes, especially since assessment/development growth increases municipal revenues each year.

We need to stop asking for more money from our residents and start using what resources we have more efficiently.  Transparency and accountability are extremely important, and with a council of 14 members its easy for council members to hide in the group. 

I would advocate for automatic recorded votes for major decisions that come before council. We need to establish a 20-year vision, and council should base their decisions on this and not get bogged down in minor issues.

We need to support health care by having a long-term plan for recruitment and retention of doctors and health care professionals.

We also need to address the issue of attainable housing, and we can do that by having mixed density requirements for new developments and by reducing the minimum footprint requirements for dwellings.

To summarize I will be fiscally prudent, a voice for residents and businesses, respectful of the environment and agriculture’s special needs and status, and willing to create a planning framework that helps keep the County an attractive place to live and work. More information is available at