Ward 1’s Morch seeks to harness PEC’s potential

Peter Morch.

The next four years are critically important in the life of Prince Edward County.

It’s an exciting time, and as we grow, we are faced with challenges as well as opportunities. We are at a crossroad, and there are two key questions we need to ask ourselves: What is our vision for the future of The County? and…Does local leadership have what it takes to get us there?

The choices we make now will have an impact for generations to come. The demographics of the County are changing, and have been for the last 30-plus years. I believe that we need to recognize and embrace this fully, and incorporate the opportunities that come with this into our plans. We need to grow our infrastructure in a sustainable way so that it continues to improve the quality of life for everyone living here, from newborns to pensioners.

We need to look at new ways of getting things done that make sense, not just for today, but for the years ahead. Most importantly, we need a local government that can keep pace with the times, and leadership that brings people together, and moves us forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

I am an advocate for a smaller council to help expedite our conversations on roads, housing, water supply as well as a host of other issues on our collective radar. Whether your roots are multi generational or a recent transplant I am sure we all agree this is a great place to live.

I believe that as a community we can be better. Better neighbours, better hosts, and more engaged in the conversations that affect us all. We do not need to separate, segregate, or divide, we need to come together and engage. There is an amazing wealth of knowledge present inner community, and we need to figure out how to tap into it.

I was born and raised in the County, and I remain passionate about what it means to live here. I also feel optimistic about what the future holds for us all. With your help, I will work hard to make sure that we are headed along the right path — one that is respectful of our proud heritage, and ready to embrace an inspired vision of what comes next.