LETTER: Despite promise of a new Official Plan, another small farm lost

The announcement of the new location of St. Greg’s at 175 Talbot Street (All parties are winners with provincial announcement of new St. Greg’s school, The Picton Gazette, October 6, 2022) was a surprise to me since that property is farmland. Situated beside the Picton Farm Supply store, one could venture out on the Millennium Trail and greet the cows that used to occupy the farm not long ago.

A small farm whose farmer never sprayed pesticides, added fertility with livestock, never tilled with some of the best soils this County has to offer.

The land would have been a dream for an organic grower with its fertile sandy loam and an adjacent growing customer base within walking distance.

An opportunity lost, as the story goes someone had an issue with a couple of extra cows on the farm than is allowed. It went up for sale, acquired by Mr. Cleave, left fallow for over a year and now the site of a new school despite another available school left fallow in Picton.

With the passing of The County’s new Official Plan, a focus was supposedly placed on preserving agricultural land, especially what was designated as “Prime Ag”. This farm land was not protected and once again we say goodbye to another small farm in the County.

Mike Barnes

Lamb’s Quarters Farm