Burfoot running for South Trustee

Judith Burfoot.

Hello my name is Judith Burfoot and I’m running for English Public School Trustee in the south region.

I live in North Marysburgh and my two children grew up in our school system. They are PECI graduates and current university students. I operate a small, mixed-livestock farm, am a part-time municipal employee and union steward, and run a small business.

I am also the founder of All Welcome Here and work to be an outspoken community builder. We focus on equity and anti-racism to ensure our community is as inclusive as we all believe it can be. Volunteering is also important to me and I have worked with The County of Prince Edward, The ROC, the Greater Than Youth Collective, Community Futures Building Youth Foundation, and more.

I hope you will join with me as we work together to ensure our youth – our future community leaders, colleagues and volunteers – receive the best education we can possibly give them.

Why vote for me? I want to be a real advocate who will:

• Ensure our schools are an inclusive and safe space for ALL of our students (and staff), especially those students who are 2SLGBTQIA+, people of colour/BIPOC, low income, those with learning challenges or mental/physical disabilities, etc. so that no one is left behind.

•Address in-school and online harassment and bullying.

•Support our students’ mental, physical and social health, particularly in this “post-COVID” world.

•Make sure our students are fully equipped to be successful inside and outside of The County!