Keep up to date on Ontario photo cards, license plates

It is important for people to keep their license plate, driver’s license, health card, or Ontario Photo Card up to date to ensure seamless access to critical services and to avoid fines or penalties.

The Government of Ontario says that it’s easier, faster, and more convenient to renew. Customers can renew online at in minutes. More than 40 services provided by Service Ontario are available online, anytime and anywhere. Those who need to visit a Service Ontario centre in person can book an appointment at to make the visit quicker and hassle-free.

The Service Ontario Centre in Picton is at 1 Pitt Street in the old Courthouse. An Ontario Photo Card is a government-issued identification document and an option for people who do not hold a driver’s license. The card makes it easier for people to do things such as open a bank account or receive a voting ballot and can be used for online renewal of health cards. There are approximately 770,000 Ontario Photo Card holders. Holders of Ontario Photo Cards can sign up for free reminders by email, text, or phone call 60 and 30 days before it is time to renew, providing a convenient way to get notified when the photo cards are set to expire.

All Ontarians are also encouraged to sign up for free digital renewal reminders for health cards, driver’s licenses and license plates. In March 2022, the government eliminated license plate renewal fees and the requirement to have a license plate sticker.

While the renewal fee and sticker have been eliminated, it is still a legal requirement for vehicle owners to renew their plates every one or two years at no cost to confirm their automobile insurance is valid and pay any outstanding Highway 407 tolls and other municipal fines. Sign up for digital reminders online at or by calling Service Ontario at 1-800-387-3445. The Seniors’ Active Living Fair continues online for the month of November.

All seniors 60+ are welcome to attend free Zoom webinars every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-2pm. All participants receive a free “Swag Bag” filled with great stuff including treats and information flyers. “Door Prizes” are drawn at each webinar. For a complete schedule of presentations and to register see the Activity Calendar at or call 613-476-7493.

Get active, make friends, be well!

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes