LETTER: Loss of golf fundraisers will hurt local community

The already struggling service clubs in the area have been dealt another blow in the last two years.

Local golf courses have decided that they will no longer allow golf tournaments on weekends, due I’m sure to the greed factor that they can fill the courses on weekends with green fee players. This means that the service clubs have to lose players for their tournaments, which in turn means that they can no longer raise the same amount of money.

The money raised is the money that is donated to our Community, when requests come in for help. These service clubs which have already been hit hard by the covid years and the inability to raise any money during that time, along with declining memberships as the younger generations don’t see the need to help and the fact that a lot of the member are now to old or to burnt out to help will soon have nothing left to give when the request come in.

I, as an Elk member, know that our two biggest fund raisers are our golf tournament and our bingo, both of which have been effected by the covid years and the bingo still is not getting the numbers of people back to play.

Now with this blow to the golf tournament I’m sure funds in the future will be very limited.

Garry Lewis