LETTER: Outgoing trustee asks public to stay engaged

When I was elected to be your 2018-2022 HPEDSB South Prince Edward Trustee,  I ran on the following priorities:

1. Use my voice and my platform to elevate youth voice

2. Advocate against cuts in the classroom and promote safe and healthy school environments

3. Bridge relationships between community members, schools and families

Upon reflection, I think we did a pretty darn good job honouring my commitment to South Prince Edward. This was only possible because of the support of students, fellow trustees, Directors of Education, board staff, school staff and this community.

I’m very proud of the work we accomplished as a collective. Thank you Stacey Lewis for taking on the role of the next HPEDSB Trustee for South Prince Edward. I look forward to supporting your advocacy for PEC youth and families. [Stacey Lewis: SLewis@hpedsb.on.ca]

To my fellow community members, these next four years are going to be hard in public education, and the new school board (80 per cent new trustees) will need all the support from their community. Invite your local trustee to school council meetings, community events, and your special interest group meetings so that can learn about the projects you’re leading that serve youth and their families.

Ask your trustee hard questions, and take the time to educate them on how and why you need them to advocate for youth. Hold them accountable for every word they speak/write and each vote they cast. They are to govern based on what’s best for community youth, not what’s best or convenient for them or the adults.

Join your school council & HPEDSB committees, and participate in school & board surveys. Write letters to the Director of Education, your trustees, and your MPPs. Show up to education rallies and strikes and take the time to understand the issues being faced in our education system.

This is how we inspire change.

This is how we support and stand with county youth.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Alison Kelly

Cherry Valley

HPEDSB Trustee South Prince Edward (2018-2022)