LETTER: There are angels among us in Picton and elsewhere

Last week in Picton, my daughter and I experienced an amazing act of kindness that I’d like to share.

We’d been having a fun day out, shopping (and eating!) in downtown Picton, but when we got back to the car we noticed that one of the tires was flat. Olivia (my daughter) decided to tackle changing it herself, but the wheel was jammed on tight and corroded.

First, one man stopped and asked if we needed assistance. He gave it a really good try but it wasn’t budging. She was about to call for “Dad help”, but another couple pulled up and asked if they could lend a hand.

Turned out he was a mechanic. Out he hopped, gave that wheel a couple of mighty kicks and off it came! He then proceeded to locate the object that had punctured it (a nail), removed it, drove to his house for tools, repaired the hole, took it and filled it with air, and put it back on!!

Amazing. There are truly angels among us, and sometimes they are in the G.T. parking lot! Many thanks to John, Brad and Tanya for your time, talent and graciousness,

Alison and Olivia Hicks