Letter of Thanks

Letter of Thanks Beyond What Words Can Express
Last week marked one year since the accident that could have had a tragic end. We want to take the opportunity to express our thankfulness and deep appreciation to so many in our community and beyond. Our list would include the first responders, those involved in health care, family and friends and neighbours that helped with needs on the farm and in the hospital, our church family and other church families who came alongside in so many ways, the staff at PECI who so generously cared for us and stood with us, our community as a whole and all who called or sent cards,  letters, and texts, or dropped things off on our doorsteps. The ways you showed your care and concern were and are a visible demonstration of God’s care of us. Many people prayed for us and we both felt and saw those prayers being answered moment by moment and day by day. Far beyond all of that, we are humbled and thankful to God for His protection, healing, and provision for all of our needs. This year has been a rich year of being blessed by our Lord and of coming to know Him more deeply and see His faithfulness and trustworthiness and goodness in every area of our lives. Derk’s recovery and return to farming and life is truly a miracle.
There are not enough words to even begin to express our thanks. It is our hope that each and every person who walked with us in this journey would see how blessed we were and are by what you did.
Derk and Erin Prinzen