Picton’s Books & Company continues to support Library

Picton Branch of the Prince Edward County Public Library. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette Staff)

At the County of Prince Edward Public Library, providing access to children’s books for all ages and stages of development is a priority. Whether a child is in search of tractor board books, graphic novels, or a book about the history of Ancient Egypt, it’s important to us that they find what they want. With no barrier to entry, and no charge, libraries serve everyone.

We’re always adding new books for children to the collection to ensure there’s always something new to find.

Thanks to the generosity of Books & Company shoppers, we have been able to expand our collection of children’s books with new and exciting titles. The process is simple – choose a book or two at the bookstore, purchase them and add a bookplate with your name or the name of a loved one. The books are then delivered to the library, catalogued and made available for children across the County to borrow. As library staff, we’re grateful for this generosity, but our gratitude pales in comparison to the squeals of joy we hear from children when a new book from their favourite author appears on the shelves!

If you’re interested in helping us increase the number of children’s books at the library, drop by Books and Company (289 Main Street). Did you know you can also donate your Books & Company loyalty points to the library? There are many shoppers that do this regularly throughout the year, and they really add up. We’re lucky to have a great independent bookstore in Prince Edward County.

A Huffington Post article about why independent bookstores matter said it well. “Without independent bookstores – meaning those places not owned by huge corporate chains, there would be three, maybe four books published a year…there would be no great new authors to discover because no publisher would take a risk by publishing anything less than an instant bestseller…the landscape of every library would be different.”

Books & Company has long been a great partner to the library. They have regularly partnered with us for author events, selling books for audience members who wish to have them signed. They have even brought in books to sell at the store to support the many online author talks we have hosted over the past two years. If you’re interested in supporting the library (by purchasing a children’s book for the library or by donating your points) drop by Books & Company!

MATCHING: Don’t forget the Picton Branch Library expansion if you are planning end-of-year giving. Thanks to the generosity of The Busscher Family and Picton Home Hardware, all donations are doubled for the month of December (up to $25,000!)

-Liz Zylstra