South Shore’s Hudgin Log House competes in the National Trust Next Great Save Competition

Submitted photo.

The Hudgin Log House on Prince Edward County’s (PEC) South Shore is competing in the National Trust for Canada’s Next Great Save competition presented by Ecclesiastical Insurance. On January 10, the National Trust announced that the Hudgin Log House is one of the top 10 short-listed heritage buildings in this Canada-wide competition.

The public will choose the winner of the $50,000 prize. Online voting runs from January 20 to February 22. Ongoing information about the competition and the South Shore Joint Initiative’s (SSJI) submission will be available during the voting period on the National Trust’s website including a link to their project video.

The Hudgin Log House at 191 Ostrander Point Road is situated in the Hudgin-Rose Nature Reserve owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The House is leased to SSJI with its restoration managed by a SSJI sub-committee. The House achieved municipal heritage designation in 2011 due in part to its unusual cedar log construction.

Fund-raising is underway and restoration has started. The white cedar logs have been stabilized and re-chinked inside and out. Reproductions of the original windows have been constructed and installed on the main floor. A local carpenter continues with exterior door repairs, window installation on the upper floor and restoration of the gable ends. SSJI is grateful to all the donors and organizations whose generosity has allowed restoration to begin.

The restored House will offer a gathering place for school groups, community members, and environmentalists to learn about the South Shore’s amazing biodiversity and unique history. It will be a place of stories, of historical use of the land, of sailing schooners crossing Lake Ontario, of Whip-poor-wills in the woods and of Blanding’s Turtles in the swamps. It will be an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.

SSJI president John Hirsch comments “we are so excited about this opportunity to achieve full funding of the Hudgin House restoration and are grateful to the National Trust and Ecclesiastical Insurance for selecting the Hudgin House for the competition.”

SSJI encourages everyone in Prince Edward County to vote for the Hudgin House online in the Next Great Save competition starting on January 20. Links will be posted on social media and our web site and all communications.

South Shore Joint Initiative is led by a mission to educate and advocate for the protection, preservation and restoration of South Shore lands and near shore waters. Our vision is a permanently protected Prince Edward County South Shore where together biodiversity and people thrive. Find out more at 

The National Trust for Canada is an independent national charity that empowers communities to save and renew heritage places.