Stories from our past – February 2, 2023

(Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • With 850 entries comprising over 950 birds, Picton Poultry Show is a bigger exhibition this year than ever before. Entries by breeders and fancier outside the county are numerically about the same as in previous years including many well-known exhibitors.
  • This week Messrs. Hyatt & Hart have completed the purchase of a new business site on Lake Street, opposite the Old Homestead Canning Factory. The property purchased has a 125 foot frontage on Lake Street and a depth along the C.N.R. tracks of 280 feet.
  • Mr. Arthur Maybee, Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce, Calgary, was a caller at the Gazette on Saturday last. He was in town for a short visit, renewing old acquaintances of his boyhood days.


  • Receipts of $4,466.20 were reported at the annual meeting of Prince Edward Agricultural Society held Saturday afternoon at the Agricultural office. With all expenses paid and a nice sum invested in Victory Bonds, the society has a surplus on hand for the fair this year.
  • Airmen on duty at the bombing range in East Lake, off the shore of the Harry Bryant farm, report seeing a wolf on the ice of the lake on two different occasions. The men have occasion to cross the ice to pick up the towing targets which fall.
  • The matter of rationing of whey butter was the topic of discussion at the annual meeting of Prince Edward Cheese Producers’ Association, held Friday afternoon at the Agricultural office. 


  • Officials of the National Farmers Union in Prince Edward County have announced that Walter Miller, vice-president of the NFU will be spending a couple of days in the area next week.
  • Athol Snowmobile-A-Thon participants are notified that unless there is an additional snowfall Friday or Saturday morning the annual Snowmobile-A-Thon will be postponed one week.
  • Problems facing police forces in general and the Picton Police Department specifically were discussed at the Tuesday meeting of the Picton Rotary Club where Jesse Mason, chairman of the Picton Police Commission, was guest speaker.


  • Picton’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) resolved that a penalty payment due from Al Piroth be cancelled, a move which Manager Dave Hickman says is breaking the rules of the Commission. 
  • An antique cannon weighing approximately 300 pounds was taken from outside the residence of Mrs. Rod Rundle of 23 Paul St., Picton and no-one seems to know when or how. “To me it is priceless,” said Mrs. Rundle.
  • Spectators crowded along the dockside at Picton Bay to watch the third Fireside Invitational Bike Races held on the ice last Saturday. Town police with Police Chief Charles Fletcher had checked the ice conditions  that morning and found it to measure about seven inches in thickness.