March marks National Nutrition Month

The following was taken from the newsletter of Hastings Prince Edward Public Health.

This nutrition month, dietitians want to help you unlock the potential of food. Healthy eating is more than the foods we eat; healthy habits around HOW we eat are just as important!

Healthy eating habits include: Being mindful. Mindful eating involves being present when eating. This includes noticing your emotions, environment, what you are eating and how you feel (both mentally and physically). Mindful eating allows you to be more connected to your eating experience. Next time you eat, try enjoying your meal or snack without distractions like your phone or the TV. Notice the tastes, smells, and textures of your food. Try tuning in to your body’s hunger and fullness cues as you eat.

Enjoying your food. A healthy pattern of eating includes food we enjoy, food that makes us feel satisfied and full, and food that makes our bodies and minds feel their best. Eating is a form of self-care. Feeling satisfied and happy after a snack or meal promotes both mental and physical wellbeing. Having rules or restrictions for yourself around food can take the joy out of eating. Think about what you can add to your meals and snacks to help you enjoy your food more.

Cooking more often. Cooking more often is a great way to support healthy eating behaviours. Cooking helps you learn about food while building skills and confidence in the kitchen. Cooking at home can promote creativity and the opportunity to experiment with food! Think about cooking one new recipe during the month of March.

Eating meals with others. Eating with family, friends, neighbours, or co-workers can be a way to share traditions, bring people together and spend quality time with one another. Sitting down to eat is a chance to enjoy time together and talk about things that matter. Try eating with others as often as possible.

For more information about healthy eating behaviours, visit Canada’s Food Guide at

Community Care offers food programs for seniors 60+. These programs are for all seniors living in Prince Edward County. Hot Meals on Wheels can be delivered to the homes of seniors 3-5 days per week. This program also has a reassurance component as the volunteer driver must see the senior when they drop off the food. We also offer a wide range of frozen entrees, soups, desserts and even breakfast. All are low in sodium and special diets are available. Orders are taken twice a month and seniors pick up their meals or choose delivery.

These are high quality and very tasty. Every month we offer a curbside pick up meal prepared by Wheelhouse Catering. Call 613-476-7493 to get involved in any of these meal programs.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes