Local Air Cadet Squadron celebrates year with Annual Ceremonial Review

Scholarship winners at the 851 Squadron's Annual Ceremonial Review May 7. (Submitted Photo)


The junior Air Cadets of the 851 Prince Edward got a big, welcome surprise on the sun soaked Sunday, May 7  morning when they were diverted from a year-end parade practice into the skies over Prince Edward County CFB Trenton-Mountianview. A previously deferred opportunity to have an introductory glider flight was resurrected and a dozen of the younger Cadets got the opportunity to experience glider flight an opportunity that was universally enjoyed.

851 Warrant Officer First Class Liam Young and Mayor Steve Ferguson. (Submitted Photo)

The Air Cadet program provides opportunities to gain technical knowledge about aviation related subjects, from air traffic control, airport operations through to the operation of the instruments and mechanics of an aircraft. Members of the Air Cadet Program are given opportunities to fly in an airplane as well as gliders. Senior Cadets can apply to summer courses which qualify them as a glider or power aircraft pilot (called a private pilot’s licence).

Later that afternoon, the entire Squadron gathered at our home, Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area, and participated in 851’s 46thAnnual Ceremonial Review (ACR) where the accomplishments of the Cadets were properly recognized.

The 851 Prince Edward ACR was made even more special for the participants this year as Mayor Ferguson acted as Reviewing Officer for the parade.

In his remarks, the Mayor saluted the way our community came together to found and then support this program, operating now for almost 50 years.

He also referenced the accomplishments of two retiring Cadets – Warrant Officers Greg Talbot and Payton Blakely-Haennel – who both topped National Courses during their Cadet Careers. The Mayor cited both of these instances as further proof of his contention that “the County has always ‘punched above its weight’ in many different categories, and the local Air Cadet Squadron is no different.”

More proof of the level of support that 851 Prince Edward Air Cadets receives from the awarding of four $500 scholarships to each of our Cadets who have been accepted to post-secondary education. The Squadron’s sponsors came together, in recognition of the significant efforts these young Cadet leaders had made supporting activities during the COVID pandemic.

Kiwanians (Left) Dennis Margueratt and (Right) Charles Durant present 851 Squadron Flight Sgt. Dash Thornton with the Jack Ward Memorial award recognizing Esprit de Corps. (Submitted Photo)

With Annual Ceremonial Review complete, the Cadets will have the opportunity to participate in a number of additional activities before the summer. For the summer, fifteen Cadets will participate in programs across the country, including as staff members and instructors at Cadet Camps.

The newest Cadets will be able to participate in one-week or two-week day programs to be delivered at CFB Trenton.

For more information about the Cadet program in Prince Edward County, please email 851air@cadets.gc.ca.