Treasure at Sandbanks child’s book launch May 20

A book for young readers surrounding the fable of buried treasure at Sandbanks Provincial Park will be launched in the children’s room at the Picton Library Saturday.

Treasure at Sandbanks is an adventure story for children 8 to 11 about a sister and brother who find a magic key while they are vacationing in Prince Edward County.

This key takes them back in time over and over in search of a legendary treasure buried at Outlet Beach in 1758. In their travels, they encounter wild animals, First Nations people, and settlers from the early days of Prince Edward County and, along the way, the siblings discover there are things in life more valuable than gold.

Author Lynne Grist is a retired teacher who moved to the County in 2011.

While living  beside the Pettit Cemetery in West Lake Grist became interested in local history and began researching the County’s early inhabitants. Grist is creating a children’s series called THE KEY TO TIME, which features both real and imagined characters from history.

The first book in the series is illustrated by local artists Teresa Westervelt and Thomas Harrison.

Join Lynne Grist on May 20 at 11 a.m. to hear about Treasure at Sandbanks and acquire your own signed copy.

It will be available at the beginning of May at select stores throughout the County, or by contacting the author directly at