Gala nets windfall for Picton branch expansion project

SWINGING TOGETHER A 1940’s themed gala entitled Swinging into the Future was hosted at Base31 Saturday and raised $52,000 for the Picton Library expansion. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)




Saturday evening’s Swing into the Future Gala celebration raised an extraordinary $52,000 for the Picton Library expansion and renovation project.

(Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)

Tim Jones, CEO of PEC Community Partners – the consortium currently developing Base 31- committed $25,000 in matching funds at the Gala hosted by Alexandra Bake, Chair of the Library Fundraising Committee.

A combination of sold-out attendance, a run on 50/50 lottery tickets over the course of the evening and matching donations made on the spot meant Gala organizers were able not just to meet but to exceed Jones’s donation.

(Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)

“Above all we have to thank the extraordinary generosity of the evening’s sponsors. The music, the food and drink, and the venue, the newly restored Sergeant’s Mess Hall at Base 31 — all our expenses we recovered, which allowed us to raise an amount that exceeded our expectations,” said Bake.

About 180 gala guests enjoyed the music of the Hannah Burge Trio and a swing band led by Brian Barlow, with vocals by AJ Stewart.

Members of the Base31 team celebrate a successful fundraising event Saturday evening. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)