Stories from our past-May 18, 2023

(Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • The first baseball practice this year resulted in about 15 players turning out. Will see the first dash on the diamond when two local teams will show their wares. The County league opens May 24th when Rednersville plays Picton.
  • Following their well-known policy of selling only the best high-grade goods, Pope Bros announce that they have secured the local agency for the famous Laura Secord candies and chocolates. Pope Bros are the only confectioners in Ontario that have this agency.
  • The Prince Edward Pioneers. In a few weeks, I will continue my sketches of the early pioneers and pioneer life in the County of Prince Edward. I have received many complimentary letters, not only from Prince Edward County but from different parts of Canada and the United States. All without exception, have stated that they were cutting out the sketches and preserving them for future use.


  • The sugar ration for preserving, which will be available for people in this district, will be ten pounds per person, according to information released by the Local Ration Board. The community was allotted a certain quantity of sugar and was found by the Board that the supply would permit an individual ration of two pounds. The Board recommended that additional sugar be made available for fresh fruit.
  • The annual meeting of Picton Golf and Country Club was held with a good turnout of members and much interest was shown. The Club gave free use of the club and grounds for members of the Arm Forces. The officers elected were: James deC. Helburn, president; Judge E. H. McLean, vice-president; H. B. Tully, secretary-treasurer; N. McDonald, W. Branscombe, directors.
  • Once again, the County of Prince Edward has responded nobly to the nation’s call and, for the fourth time in as many campaigns, has obtained in subscriptions to the Fourth Victory Loan the country’s minimum objective of $1,150,000.00.


  • In Picton Minor Hockey League News, The Royals beat the Quakers 5-4, Scoring for Royals Blake Vader with two goals and for Quakers David Miller had 4.
  • O.M.H.A Mites tie Parents. Master Feeds’ Mite O.M.H.A team fought their mothers and fathers to a 3-3 tie in a game to wind up their season.
  • Picton PeeWee OMHA squad hosted their second annual PeeWee Tournament on with eight teams competing for the “A” and “B” Championships. Gatineau, Quebec, Brighton, Gananoque, Colborne, Fort Henry, Napanee, Kingston Township and Picton did battle in the day-long event.


  • A five per cent increase in teachers’ wages was approved in a contract settlement by the Hastings Prince Edward Counties Roman Catholic Separate School Board, adding $310,000 to the 1983-84 budget.
  • Macaulay House and the Prince Edward County Museum opened in 1983. Step back into the past and explore Prince Edward County’s living heritage.
  • Take a look at this one. Using seat belts as a lifesaver or injury-saver in case of accidents is still a matter of debate in some quarters, but it is the law in Ontario. The police believe that buckled-up persons are less prone to severe injury or even death in the event of a collision.